Saved Souls Foundation

About Us

Saved Souls Foundation is a private animal shelter located deep in the heart of Thailand, where dogs rescued from the illegal dog meat trade, abusive situations and accidents, as well as other animals have found a new, loving home. Many of these animals come to us so traumatized that they have lost all trust in mankind. It may take years of intensive socialization before these dogs are ever ready to trust humans again. Saved Souls believes that these animals have earned a chance, and therefore we need your help to facilitate socialization and care of these sheltered animals. At the shelter, you will see many disabled animals who would otherwise not have a chance to live their lives elsewhere, since they have simply been "disposed" of and left to fend for themselves. Each of these animals has a story and many of these stories we do not know. Just look into the eyes of these loving and grateful beings, for they will tell you their story.

We looking always for Volunteers. If you love animals and have some experience with Dogs and Cats, please contact us. Minimum stay will be 14 days.

For more information, please contact us :