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Club of the 300

Club of the "300" golden members for the handicapped dogs

The stated goal is to reach 300 patrons/ members willing to donate CHF / € 365 .- per year (which equates to one franc or one euro per day) exclusively for the disabled dogs. The amount is payable in advance for one year.

1. Why donate for disabled dogs?
We (Saved Souls Foundation) are a so-called Nonkilling shelter; no animals are killed just because they are old, injured, unwanted or disabled.

2. Why does it have so many disabled dogs (the number varies between 80 and 100 animals)?
Most dogs were hampered by traffic accidents as well as mistreatment, i. Paralysis of individual limbs or amputations of a leg. The driving style of road users in Thailand does not meet western standards. After an accident, the animals are rarely brought to the vet and often cause irreparable injuries, resp. Disabilities. From our conviction, a disability must not be a cause of killing.

3. What happens to my annual support fee for the club of "300" golden members for the disabled dogs?
This is used for medicine, bandages (wound care), veterinary treatment and food and, if possible, for a dog car.

4. What do I get from that?
With your contribution, you help a needy creature that alone is not able to survive without help, a dignified and secure life in security.

As a member, you have the choice of whether you would like to be mentioned by name on our website or prefer to remain anonymous.

As a non-profit organization, we depend on your valuable contribution as we do not receive any government support.

The animal welfare work is a big challenge for idealists. If one dreams, it remains a dream, when many dream, the dream becomes reality.

Thank you in the name of us disabled, old, injured and unwanted dogs.

Registered Members

- Elsbeth Keller, Switzerland

- Verein für behinderte Hunde, Switzerland

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